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                 > Products & Solution > Wet grinding

                iMo Smart®

                New Generation of Agitator Bead Mill

                Maintenance-free design, easy installation and disassembly; farewell to move and lift, save time and effort;
                Optimize the appearance of the device; optimize the structural design; improve device performance; enhance user experience;
                The cart is also used as a beading truck, a demolition bucket, and a grinding bucket guiding vehicle. The utility model can be used for multiple purposes, eliminating the previous guide rails and shortening the length of the whole machine, thereby eliminating the trouble of disassembling and transporting the grinding bucket.

                The advantages of this type of modular system are the ability to bring cross-system standards and the ability to convert a machine into a new one at a lower cost.
                The new Pyro iMo smart® modular machine is designed to be mounted on the same drive platform in four different grinding systems: NIZZOLI Air is the most basic universal disc grinding system; improved turbine and disc combination grinding system The -NIZZOLI Plus system is a leap forward in disc grinding technology with an improved SMF high-flow dynamic centrifugal separation system and grading wheel; NIZZOLI's new large specific energy rod pin grinding system with optimal grinding media OCS separation system; The latest full-volume rod-type grinding system - NIZZOLI Pro.

                Installed Drive Power in kW

                iMo smart /Type Volumes inner liner [ L ] batch size [ L ] Drive [kW ]
                4 0.6 6 4
                11 2 50 7.5-11
                15 6 100 15-18.5
                22 10 600 22-30
                45 25 2000 45
                90 60 > 2000 90-110
                200 150 > 4000 132-220
                400 400 > 8000 315-400

                PUHLER Grinding systens

                /// GRINDING MODELS NOW


                Application in the following industries