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                 > Products & Solution > Grinding media

                NanoZr-PZY® 95

                The Premier Grade Zirconia Media

                Yttrium-stabilized zirconium oxide grinding beads (High-end quality) for nano applications

                Ceramic beads for grinding & dispersing
                NanoZr-PZY® 95 is a grinding media made from yttrium-stabilized, high-purity zirconia powder. It is made by using rare earth lanthanum oxide as stabilizer, environmentally friendly titration method, and advanced technology of baking and phasing. The diameter of the dense tetragonal zirconia crystallites inside the beads is less than 0.5um, which makes the medium have excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance; it is mainly used for ultra-fine grinding and dispersion of materials requiring zero pollution and high viscosity and high hardness.

                High grinding efficiency
                NanoZr-PZY® 95 Stabilized Zirconia Ceramic Beads are 1.6 times more specific than ordinary Zirconia Beads and have higher grinding efficiency under the same conditions.
                Good liquidity
                The product has good roundness and smooth surface, and the wear of the equipment is lower than other grinding media.
                Impact resistance, low wear
                NanoZr-PZY® 95 zirconia ceramic beads have good toughness, no cracking, peeling and peeling in high-speed, high-concentration machines, and wear only 1/2 of the zirconium silicate beads.
                Low cost of use
                The selection of this product will bring you a reduction in the comprehensive cost of media wear, power consumption, labor, equipment, etc., and the product quality will be greatly improved.

                Chemical Composition:

                Composition ZrO2+HfO2 Y2O3
                Wt% 95 5

                Typical Properties:

                Specific Gravity Bulk Density Hardness Mohs Hardness Vickers Crushing Strength Color
                >6.0kg/dm3 >3.6kg/L 9 >1200kg/mm2 2000N


                Code Sizes(mm) Code Sizes(mm) Code Sizes(mm)
                PZY0.05 0.05 PZY 0.8 0.8—1.0 PZY 2.0 2.0—2.2
                PZY 0.1 0.1 PZY 1.0 1.0—1.2 PZY 2.2 2.2—2.5
                PZY 0.2 0.2 PZY 1.2 1.2—1.4 PZY 2.5 2.5—2.8
                PZY 0.3 0.3 PZY 1.4 1.4—1.6 PZY 2.8 2.8—3.2
                PZY 0.4 0.4—0.6 PZY 1.6 1.6—1.8 PZY 3.0 3.0—3.5
                PZY 0.5 0.6—0.8 PZY 1.8 1.8—2.0 PZY 3.6 3.5—4.0

                PUHLER Grinding systens

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