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                 > Products & Solution > Grinding & polishing

                tDXK2560 Double turret CNC lathe adopts horizontal solid inclining bed design with double cross slide, double tool post and double channel system, which has advantages of high rigidity, stability, anti-vibration and high accuracy.

                It suitable for multi variety in small batch and single variety in mass production.

                It can machining job on excircle, cone and arc surface as well as slotting and threading can be done at same time so hat less reloading, less equipment and less labour is required.


                It has reliable performance, simple and quick Operating programme, high production efficiency, and it suitable for multi variety in small batch and single variety in mass production.

                We also can offer hydraulic steady rest on the down cross slide according to customer’s request.


                Special configuration:

                10 station hydraulic turret,THK linear guide, hybrid spindle and all kinds of spindle made in Taiwan or Japan for optional