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                Multinomial patent

                Design, R & D, production

                PRODUCTS & SOLUTION

                The most effective machine in the grinding or dispersing system


                Ceramics, medicine, biologics and other fields

                Eight advantages

                Focus on every grinding equipment system project


                1. Fineness guarantee

                Advanced grinding machine, Grinding medium using 0.05mm.


                2. High purity

                No fading phenomenon, Ensure the performance of the customer's product.


                3. Integral casting

                Provide performance testing for various process and functional modules.


                4. Low energy consumption, non blockage

                The 30% of the grinding efficiency is our commitment to you.


                5. Low loss of accessories

                Professional knowledge of reprocessing technology for nonmetallic and nonferrous metals.


                6. The operation is fast and simple

                All maintenance and repair work can be done quickly and easily.


                7. refusing to stop frequently

                Minimize the downtime of customer use.


                8. Professional service

                The production and the price are reasonable and the service is first class.


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                Cooperative customers, more than 3000

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